List Of Conferees

Abdulhafeedh Ghoga

Abdulhafeedh Ghoga is the Vice Chairman of the National Transitional Council (NTC) of Libya. He is also the official spokesman of the NTC and chairs the council’s media committee. During the revolution, Ghoga become recognized as the face of the NTC. He also oversaw the Media and Communications Committee, an organization comprising more than 100 Libyans tasked with the role of communicating the NTC’s messages to audiences inside Libya and abroad. Prior to the revolution, Ghoga was head of the Benghazi Lawyers Syndicate.

Salem Gnan

Salem Gnan is the NTC member for Nalut. A lawyer, he is also a member of the NTC’s media committee. Gnan spent much of his adult life in opposition. He was a member of the National Front for the Salvation of Libya (NFSL), the most active and prominent opposition group committed to removing Gaddafi from power, and in 1984 took part in the failed mission to kill him at Bab Azzaziya. Following this mission, he was exiled abroad.

Mohammed Bala

Mohammed Bala is a telecommunications engineer. Throughout the revolution, Bala played a vital role leading the Social Media Unit, part of the NTC Media and Communication Committee, which waged virtual war against the Gaddafi regime. Bala is from Benghazi and, before the revolution, was manager of projects for Libyan telecoms firm Madar.

Ramadan Muttawa

Ramadan Muttawa is one of Libya’s most prominent businessmen. During the final stages of the revolution, Muttawa was responsible for food and medical provisions on the Libya Stabilization Group. Muttawa also led an extensive campaign to lobby UK parliament members and media organizations to win support for the revolution

Adel Issa Al Zintani

Adel Issa Al Zintani is the media co-ordinator for the Zintan Local Council and the organizer of several exhibitions in Tripoli. Al Zintani became well-known during the revolution with his regular interviews on Al Jazeera. Returning to Libya from Canada, at first he facilitated the transport of doctors across the Tunisian border. His efforts extended to media after smuggling videos of the fighting out of the country.

Amel Jerary

Amel Jerary is a member of the NTC’s Media and Communications Committee, where she is responsible for translation and international media co-ordination. Since 2000, Amel Jerary has worked as a lecturer in the German and English Departments at the University of Tripoli. She has also managed Atlas Language and Cultural Services in Tripoli, which provides cultural training to foreign institutions and organizations in Tripoli.

Fatima Ghandour

Fatima Ghandour is an academic, journalist and historian with a special interest in Libyan folklore. Ghandour currently teaches in the media department of Tripoli University. She hosts a daily radio program, is a freelance contributor to local newspapers and magazines, a program developer at the Voice of Africa and the author of her own blog.

Khaled Najm

Khaled Najm is a theatre director and actor, writer and journalist. During Mahmoud Jibril’s leadership of the Executive Office, he served as deputy minister of information. Najm’s journalistic experience includes time spent as a correspondent for pan-Arab satellite channel Al Arabiya as well as having held several administrative positions responsible for media in the Benghazi municipality.

Shamsiddin Ben Ali

Shamsiddin Ben Ali is currently the Director of the Media and Communications Committee (MCC) for the NTC. He is responsible for a team of over 100 volunteers that serviced the communication needs of the NTC. Ben Ali’s critical role also extended to liaison with the NTC and Executive Office, bridging the activities of the MCC with the needs of the Libyan government. Ben Ali is a respected businessman with interests in the construction sector.

Abobaker Emgawer

Abobaker Emgawer is a TV and radio journalist from the city of Tobruk.
During the revolution he was a news presenter for the satellite channel Libya Ahrar as well as the Tobruk local TV channel. He has worked for Radio Tobruk and was the host of the popular morning program Sabah Al Kheir.

Mohammed Tresh

Mohammed Tresh is head of the NTC’s media registration center. The center is responsible for the issuing of visas to journalists, managing media lists, announcing press conferences and distributing press releases. Prior to the revolution, Tresh worked in the energy and aviation sectors.

Hussein Abdelgader

Hussein Abdelgader is a leading Libyan expert on media law. He is currently the head of the Legal Office of the General Authority for Foreign Media, a position he has held since 2006. He has served as the director of legal affairs for the minister of culture (2004 to 2005) and also as the legal advisor to the Central Authority for Administrative Oversight.

Jalal Elgallal

Jalal Elgallal is currently the civilian spokesman for the NTC. From Benghazi, Elgallal runs a successful family business that is one of Libya’s biggest importers and installer of elevators.

Ahmed Sawalem

Ahmed Sawalem is the head of PR and international relations for the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology. He reports directly to the minister, and handled announcements on repairs to the infrastructure damaged during the revolution. Prior to the revolution, Sawalem worked in the investment banking division of HSBC.

Omar Boshah

Omar Boshah is a journalist from the eastern city of Beyda.

Osama Muttawa

Osama Muttawa sits on the Media and Communications Committee of the National Transitional Council and played an instrumental role in the command and coordination of revolutionary forces. Prior to the revolution he helped run the family business.

Hussam Zagaar

Hussam is currently Director of the Free Media Centre (FMC), an NGO that serves as Tripoli’s first center dedicated to media training. Zagaar has a marketing background and was Accounts Manager for JWT Marketing & Communication Co. for five years.